More Listeners with Podcast Transcription

Post date: 11-Jul-2014 21:42:08

Why should you have your podcasts transcribed? Because a typewritten document of any media file creates more accessibility. Since audio and video files are not as easily indexed by Google, a transcript will give your podcast far more online exposure so that prospective listeners can search for key words. Improved search-engine ranking will increase traffic to your Website or blog and ultimately increase your subscribers.

A transcript will give you instant content for any publicity or marketing efforts you may have. Scanning through a text document can make it easier for you to edit your podcast in post-production or pull quotes and sound bites for making promos, rather than fast-forwarding through an audio file.

Sometimes, we just don't have time to listen to every podcast in our queue. With a transcript, your followers can scan it quickly and get the important points, or they can copy-and-paste bits of the text through social media. A transcript will literally make your podcast more accessible for the hearing-impaired audience. And for people who speak English as a second language, a transcript will help them follow your podcast more easily.

Save time by having a professional transcribe your podcasts much more quickly so that you can focus on producing more content to air. Contact me today!