Business Concept

To provide fast, high-quality English-language transcripts for customers who need audio recordings converted to text documents, serving the financial and legal industries, journalists, documentary filmmakers, marketing researchers, etc.

Transcription customers may require a written document of an audio or video file in order to search, edit, or publish the text. To date, there is no grammatically accurate speech-to-text software because of vast vocabulary, poor audio quality with background noise, multiple speakers with different language patterns or speech idiosyncrasies, and multilingual people who speak English as a second language with an accent.

With over a decade of transcription experience and eight years in Germany, I specialize in discerning highly technical material spoken by nonnative executives, presenters, interviewees, etc.

Some documents are time sensitive and have ASAP deadlines. Typically, untrained office staff could take hours to type up even a short audio file. The industry standard for transcription is 6:1, i.e. it takes about six hours to transcribe one hour of audio material. I can provide verbatim documents that are precisely edited for correct grammar and spelling in half that time.

I also provide copyediting and proofreading services to perfect and correct documents.

Woman-Owned Small Business

I’ve been working independently as an entrepreneur for over a decade. Since it’s a one-woman show, when you do business with me, you deal directly with me, no account representatives or office assistants. I will personally produce your transcripts according to your specific preferences so that you get a unique customized service.


Transcription serves a wide variety of industries, anyone that may need the text from an audio/video file, including:

  • the financial industry (quarterly earnings reports, conference calls, board meetings, investor conferences),
  • for legal purposes (court proceedings, depositions, insurance claims, police interrogations),
  • the broadcast and film industry (interview footage, commercial advertisements, entertainment),
  • marketing (focus groups, marketing surveys), and
  • academic clients (research projects, informational interviews, classroom presentations, training, publishing).

With the advent of YouTube, more and more people are benefiting from improved search-engine optimization (SEO) that a transcript of their video can provide.

Forecast, Trends, Risks

While speech recognition software may be improving every year, as long as accuracy is required, there will always be a need for expertise in spelling, grammar, punctuation, and consistency. This kind of technology is ideal only for individuals who have trained the program to recognize their specific voice and for extremely clear audio with no mistakes. It is also quite hands-on, as one must manually insert punctuation and occasionally correct grammar and misheard words. Processing and proofreading speech-to-text output can often take even longer than a skilled professional to transcribe from scratch. When there are multiple speakers, speech recognition software cannot differentiate them. Highly technical subject matter, such as medical or legal terminology, must be researched and spell-checked. And nonnative English speakers often mispronounce words or have difficult accents that even experienced transcriptionists cannot discern. I believe my skills and experience are extremely valuable and will remain in high demand even as breakthroughs in voice recognition technology occur.

Why Transcription?

Often during live events, note taking is distracting, time consuming, and the resulting notes are incomplete. A verbatim transcript documents your entire event so that you can pull accurate quotes, review topics, and reference information discussed, or you can publish the transcript for absent participants or public consumption.


Amy La Branch

Wiener Str. 14

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+49 (0)176 84126697